Thursday, June 7, 2012

Writers Network of South Florida Gala

Saturday night was a wonderful celebration of writers and writing in South Florida and the culmination of the season for the Writers Network of South Florida. The main purpose of the party was to celebrate and acknowledge the winners of the 14th Annual Writers' Network Writing Contest. The venue was comfortable, the food and liquid libations were delicious, and the company outstanding. As a member, I was very proud. Enjoy with us visually the fun, the pleasure, and the pride we felt for our organization and our winners!

Congratulations to this year's winners! (Gentle hint: Perhaps next year, you'll be one of our winners! Oops, I should mention that you'll need to enter--and it's never too early begin writing and revising, searching for just the precise word, the clever idea!)

The cake reflects the 14 years the Writers Network
of South Florida has been holding a contest to honor South
Florida authors.
A happy president--all is going well!
Vinny Muttarelli (left) and Don Grimme, veteran actors present
the winning play, "Our Boys" by Peter Hawkins.

Deb Sharp is  in the foreground, as well she should be. Deb took on the task
of organizing the Gala, a major job, which she pulled off beautifully.

The young adult winners include Daniel
Rousseau, Jodi Tuchin, and Mariolga Locklin.
The short story winners are (from left) Claire Ibarra, Mark
Levy, and Laura P. McCarthy.

The second heroine of the evening is Joanne Endorf,
the contest chairman. Another excellent job!

And the winning poets are (from left) Judy Shaffer
and Beth S. K. Morris

The winning playwrightsare  (from left) Brian Reeves, Peter
Hawkins, and Don Scheer.


  1. Such a wonderful celebration of writers it seems. I hope everyone had enjoyed this event. Well these days I am also busy in managing my official meet at corporate events NYC and a planner is helping me too. Hopefully everyone gonna love our efforts.