Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sheeee's back!
Hi everyone,

Have you missed me? I've missed being here.

It's amazing what a few minor operations can do to one's productivity.I had no clue because all my life I'd been boringly healthy. However, since 2012, I have had five. I'll not list them here, I'll leave you burning in frustrated curiosity, but I will tell you I have only one  regret--I could gather neither the interest nor the energy to write. First time in my life. Thanks to Ruth Berge, a very cherished friend, I am overcoming that, thus my first blog in four years.

And, in fact, it is because of a joint project we are undertaking that I'm back at the keyboard at midnight and happy to be here!

The project is launching a second edition of my book 101 Writing Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel. But first, I must digress momentarily to explain this decision was NOT easy. I had to discuss the matter with my four catkids--Phannie MayDo, Prince Harry, New Year's Evita and Sophie. Now that I've been downsized and am doing independent editing for various clients, the cats are accustomed to having my attention. At least 98% of it every day. Calling them spoiled would be an understatement, but they are what they are and I am properly trained.

We had a number of discussions, several involving strikes in the form of two or three cats standing or sitting or walking on the keyboard to prevent my working. At last we reached an agreement involving a massive amount of tuna. Sophie was the final holdout, but she finally succumbed to her bas(s)er nature.

And so with appropriate permissions, Ruth and I are off and running. Or writing. We will be presenting 101 Tips in a larger 8 x 10 format with the forms presented in full page size. This should make them much easier to copy and use. I will be adding some bonus tips and Ruth, who is a very savvy marketer, will be adding new tips and information on marketing your book including making a marketing plan and marketing via social media along with other very helpful ideas.

We are hoping to make our first presentation of the new edition at the Mensa Annual Gathering in Hollywood, Florida this coming July. But we both speak about writing. Contact us.

Stay tuned! I'll be back!

Keep writing, be happy!