Monday, April 16, 2012

A Requiem for Pearl

A Requiem for my feline friend Pearl Rudolph

I lost a friend this past Saturday, a gorgeous black cat named Pearl Rudolph. She “owned” a good friend of mine to whom her loss was even greater than mine. Pearl’s life was coming to an end and while that helped assuage, it didn’t approach the sense of loss.

            I have lost cats, too. My last three Homer Sue (she was such an ugly kitten I knew she’d be a “homer” and only later discovered she was a “she,” hence the Sue) died at 19. Black Pearl and Oliver both died at 17. They had been with me during the most difficult years of my life—losing a husband, reentering the work place after 15 years, and rebuilding a life in a brand new town. Suffice it to say, the years 2010 and 2011 contained some very sad moments. As luck would have it, I now live with five rescue cats so I am no longer sad although the memory of a pet never dies.

            Sometime ago, I wrote a poem to commemorate the passing of Humdinger, another cherished catfriend, and I offer it here in Pearl’s memory and dedicate it all those who have loved and lost a loyal feline companion.

That Other World

Beyond the woes and sadnesses of this world lies another

Where old cats taste again the joys of kittenhood,

Where joints are supple and keen ears hear the secrets of the wind,

Where teeth are sharp and noses scent out the aromas of the night.

In this world, as real as ours,

Kittens and old cats scamper side by side, tails held high,

Merrily chasing, but never catching the foolish mice and dainty butterflies.

Ere long we’ll all meet again in that other world, Beloved Pearl,

And we shall stroke your shiny coat and rub your ears,

And you shall purr and we shall laugh for we will be

Friends together once again.


  1. Oh, I like that! And you're right, that little tug of sadness when one remembers a pet who's passed never quite goes away. My condolences to Pearl's family.

  2. Prudy, thank you for sharing. Wish our four-legged family members had longer lives to share with us.